Welcome to Fit for Purpose

Our mission at Fit for Purpose is to help business to evolve, adapt and thrive as we transition to a more sustainable world. We help you identify your ultimate purpose beyond profit, and bring it to life through your actions, your people and your relationships with the community and the environment. Our goal is to accelerate positive social and environmental impact by enabling more businesses to grow by becoming purpose-led. 

Our world is changing fast. Our oceans are polluted, our forests are in decline, our soil is degraded, and our atmosphere is warming. But as the global population continues to rise, demand for our natural resources is growing rapidly, and we’re running out of space to grow our food. Those who have the least are affected worst, and the gap between the richest and the poorest grows ever wider.  Traditionally Governments and non-profits have worked at combating these issues. But they haven’t been able to make progress fast enough, and we are running out of time and money to find the solutions.

Without the help of business, we will not solve these challenges in the time we have left.

The onset of this global pandemic has really highlighted the vulnerabilities in our global systems.  The health, finance and the economic systems that underpin our very stability has shown a lack of resilience.  Business has had to truly step up and step in where public sector has always led.

For your business to chime with this brave new world and align with the changing needs of stakeholders, you need to build a business with a clear purpose.

A successful purpose strategy is always instrumental in helping you achieve a fitter, more profitable business.

These new elevated expectations can sound a little intimidating to many businesses. But it doesn’t need to be. At Fit for Purpose we understand that although your company can’t change the world alone, you have an important role to play. We work to identify your business’ unique social or environmental contribution to the world, and to ensure your profit-seeking goals are aligned with this. see purpose as the invisible thread that runs through your organisation, driving you to solve real world problems, and giving your business value and meaning.

We offer fresh thinking to unearth the many new commercial opportunities that are presented by taking part in the sustainable economy.

Being a purpose-led business takes some hard work, and requires you to have your eyes and ears wide open to feedback from all your audiences.  It doesn’t happen overnight. But no matter where you are along your journey, we can offer a range of advisory services to help you progress towards becoming a business which is Fit For Purpose in this brave new world.

“Welcome to the brave new world of true corporate citizenship, where a new social contract is being struck between business and society. One in which business are regenerative, restorative, inclusive and are value driven, not profit led.”