Welcome to Fit for Purpose

Our mission is to help businesses lead through purpose, accelerating behaviours that enable positive social and environmental impact

Our world is changing fast. Within the next decade our planet will no longer be able to sustain a healthy balance of life as we know it. Governments and non-profits haven’t been able to make progress fast enough, and the onset of COVID-19 has heightened and highlighted our underlying global issues. In this time of crisis, business has had to truly step up and get involved where others have traditionally led.  As a result, businesses are now at the forefront of a movement to transition as quickly as possible to a fairer and more sustainable world.

Purpose at the heart of everything

At Fit for Purpose, we help businesses of all sizes identify the positive contribution they can make to people and planet, and then work with them to broaden and deepen those positive impacts, whilst also reducing or the negative impacts.  Our role is to bring your purpose to life through identifying key actions you can take, and helping you listen and respond to the needs and expectations of a broad range of stakeholders, from your customers and staff to the communities where you operate.

For your organisation to chime with this new normal, you need to build a business with a clear purpose. We see purpose as the invisible thread that runs through your organisation, driving you to solve real world problems, and giving your business value and meaning. No matter where you are on your purpose journey, we provide a range of advisory services to help you, aimed at unearthing the many new commercial opportunities that are presented by helping to drive the sustainable economy.

An Unstoppable Force (for good)

A successful purpose strategy is not a ‘nice to have’ – it is instrumental in helping you achieve a fitter, stronger, more profitable business. Progressive organisations have already made fundamental changes to the way they operate, and consumer behaviour is adapting in front of our eyes.

  • 91% of companies take ESG Criteria into account in their purchasing decisions
  • Sales of ethical products have grown 400% in the UK in the last 20 years, to £41bn
  • 50% of today’s workforce are millennials or Gen Z whose expectations of companies’ social and environmental actions are higher than ever
  • Growth in sustainable investment is expected to grow $20 tr in next 20 years
  • Companies that proactively addressed climate issues strongly in 2019 achieved 26% extra growth
  • Legislation around Climate Change disclosure, social responsibility issues such as Modern Slavery, Gender Pay and Pension Fund Transparency is being updated thick and fast demanding ever higher standards of corporate governance and reporting

At Fit for Purpose we understand that although your company can’t change the world alone, you have an important role to play. We work to identify your business’ unique role in solving the big issues, so you can help create solution, rather than be part of the problem.

“Welcome to the brave new world of corporate citizenship, where a new contract is being struck between business and society. One in which businesses are regenerative, restorative, inclusive and value driven, not profit led.”