Our Services

Our Approach to Purpose At the core of our approach is alignment of corporate sustainability with your business strategy, core values and crucially, your key competencies, fused together to create your social purpose. Successfully defining purpose comes as the result of an inside-out, rather than top-down process. And in our view, an organisation is only Fit for Purpose when it’s approach includes the following three key ingredients:

  • Authentic – fully in step with your core values, corporate culture and brand articulation
  • Aligned – consistent with past behaviour, external environment and core competencies
  • Commercially Astute – closely woven into your financial and strategic growth model

Purpose projects are often prompted by a business change event such as M&A, rapid growth, an impending IPO, a change in competitive or customer environment, or a desire to enter new markets. But increasingly they are motivated by a need to keep up with the changing expectations from key stakeholders such as employees, customers and investors.

Our services fall into three broad categories:


Intelligent research, analysis and strategy


Walking the walk with impactful delivery programmes


Creating a compelling narrative and an authentic voice  


What – I’m paying you just to think? It’s often undervalued, but whether it’s an inspired ‘lightbulb moment’ that comes in a heartbeat, or a carefully curated framework that maps to your business culture and process, thinking time is critical to the creation of any successful project. We try and make it as transparent, rapid and accessible as possible. No two projects are exactly the same, but a typical Think process which identifies the right strategy for your organisation may include the following steps:  
Benchmark: Using external factors such peers and competitor analysis, UK & International reporting standards, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Science Based Targets as a benchmark, we create a 360 degree view of your business and external context to help you identify your key priorities, risks and opportunities
Target Setting: Using stakeholder audits and bespoke interviews to gain insight, we establish your business’ material risks, dependencies and opportunities. We then work with your senior leadership and internal team owners to agree a set of achievable yet ambitious key goals and SMART metrics. This allows you to measure your progress towards becoming a Fit for Purpose business
Co-create: Combining insights from the Benchmarking and Target Setting stage, we work in close collaboration with you to identify your business’s unique purpose beyond profit
Articulate: Encapsulating the co-creation of your unique purpose, we create a fully authentic articulation of this and how it impacts on the environment, as well as all your  key stakeholders including your employees, local communities, partners, customers and value chain
Organise: Helping you organise the delivery of your purpose through advising on internal ownership, a delivery roadmap, helping map resources, measures and reporting structures


No strategy can truly sing without tangible evidence of how it is executed in your organisation and the positive impacts it brings. We help you deliver on your promises through a suite of tried and tested delivery tools to bring your strategy to life


  • Programme design We work with CSR, HR, PR, Operations, Product & Supply Chain, Brand, Marketing or Board-level leadership teams to design bespoke and connected social, environmental or workplace action programmes to help you reach your purpose goals. Programmes are also designed to be measureable so that the positive social or environmental impact (rather than the outputs) can be measured


  • Partnership mapping and facilitation As a business you often don’t have the skills or resources to deliver the kind of outreach or cause-related outcomes that many societal purpose programmes require. Working in partnership with experts from not-for-profits, government and industry sector specialists will deliver both the results and crucially the credibility that a successful programmes requires. Our extensive database of leading third party organisations in social, economic and environmental impact and the programmes and campaigns they run in specialist areas means we can recommend and connect you to the right partners for your programmes.


  • Stakeholder Mapping & Stakeholder Relations We identify the key influencers and stakeholders for your business, and create an issues map to help you understand how, when and what to communicate with them. We can also design an outreach programme using tailored communications materials to help you develop deeper and more effective working relationships with your community of stakeholders.


Our background in communications infuses all our projects, so that no strategy or programme is created without  consideration to the story it will tell and how your audiences will want to consume it. We offer a full suite of communications expertise, including:


  • Messaging and Positioning Your purpose and values can only have meaning if they resonate with all your audiences. We will help you find your unique and authentic voice, create guidance and craft materials that provide that consistently throughout all your communications


  • Sustainability and Integrated Reporting Fit for Purpose has developed sustainability, CSR and Integrated Annual reports for dozens of companies and works with designers, copywriters and your in-house team to create inspiring and audience led reports that evidence your commitments and progress towards your key goals


  • Website Content and Design Using the authentic voice and values-led visual design we also work closely with your in-house team to create online destinations to house all your purpose and sustainability content


  • Compelling video and infographic content Visual images and video based storytelling helps to cut through the often complex and sombre content covered in your purpose strategy


  • Internal communications programmes & content CEO Speechwriting, internal launch event design and materials and ongoing employee engagement Media-ready content Press releases, launch materials, FAQs and media briefings


  • Stakeholder Communications Tailored communications programmes and materials for all your other audiences including government, NGOs, academics, sustainability professionals, industry bodies, shareholders and local communities