Code of Ethics

Fit For Purpose: Code of Ethics


Our mission at Fit For Purpose is to help businesses lead through purpose, accelerating the behaviours that enable positive social and environmental impact. In order to achieve our mission, we must embody the right values and behaviours in our work – and these values guide the way we behave in all our interactions with others. We have based our code of ethics on the following set of core values which characterise our work:


We never settle for ‘good enough’ – a critical part of our role as consultants is to encourage our clients towards bolder, braver and more accountable decision-making. We don’t want our clients to settle for strategies and actions which take a tick-box, compliance approach. We want to them to push themselves to do more, and do it better, so they create deeper, most lasting social and environmental impacts.

We use our time efficiently, but we never cut corners – we aim to build on our knowledge and expertise with every project we do, which often creates efficiencies in our work. However, we never use a cookie-cutter approach to consultancy – each new project and client deserves a fresh, tailored strategy, which is always specifically aligned to their particular business strategy and designed to help them meet their goals.

We are fearlessly collaborative – nobody has a monopoly on good ideas; the more good ideas that are surfaced, the faster and better we can help people and planet. So we’ve worked hard to build a brilliant and expansive network of expert collaborators and associates we can call on to extend our reach. We are not precious about our projects, and are open to working in collaboration with everyone – from our clients, to our suppliers, to our stakeholders and even our competitors.

We are honest brokers – we believe that through an openness we learn more and enable a culture of learning. So we always treat others equally and with respect, share our knowledge and experience openly. But we are also honest about when we don’t have knowledge, skills or experience to solve a particular problem and recommend others.

Our business is built on trust, so we are transparent about how we charge and the way we work, and only charge for the time we spend. We don’t charge mark up on third party invoices, and we pay our suppliers and associates promptly, and well within payment deadlines.

We never lose sight of our goal – all our work must build towards helping our clients create more positive social, economic or environmental impact. Although it’s tempting to be distracted by other priorities that may arise during the course of our work, we stick rigorously to the pursuit of this outcome.