About Us

A Bit About My Journey

Hello – I’m Sophie, Founder of Fit for Purpose.  I was driven to set up Fit For Purpose in 2018 because I see businesses of all shapes and sizes struggling to find their unique sense of purpose in the fast changing world around them. I wanted to use my skills and experience to help companies identify, articulate and embed a meaningful purpose beyond profit. I see purpose as being the invisible thread that runs through an organisation, driving it to solve real world problems, and giving value and meaning for all who interact with it.

I haven’t always been an eco-warrior though. Here is a bit about my journey which brought be to this point:

1992-2005: The PR days
  • Joined leading IT PR agency Text 100 in the early 90s (just when tech was becoming sexy). I thrived in the fast moving issue-led environment
  • Worked with some of the world’s most respected global technology brands including Intel, Microsoft, Cisco and HP managing a large team of consultants launching products, pitching technology strategies and running global campaigns
  • Highlights:  advising & hosting Bill Gates; launching the ground-breaking Windows 95 in an award-wining UK campaign
  • Developed a passion for simplifying the complex through storytelling
  • Took a three month sabbatical with my husband to be, and we travelled to India, Nepal and South America to see some of the world’s most endangered wildlife and most fragile habitats. Fell in love with the planet
  • Moved to Sydney, started a family, and began to think about ‘the really big issues’ – embraced the world of organic food, wormeries, recycling and responsible travel
  • Moved back to London and deliberately ferreted out clients who were using business to positively impact the environment – Envirowise, Jordans Cereals, Total Biofuels; nPower Juice

1998-2006: The awakening

2006-2011: The sustainability communications days
  • Left agency life to set up my own consulting business focused solely on environmental and social communications
  • Joined board of pre-IPO venture Aurochs Plc with environmental scientist Tim Nevard and Professor David Bellamy with the aim of creating a business commercialising biodiverse rich land across the world to fund its protection
  • Spent a year at Microsoft UK as their Sustainability Lead, overseeing their first carbon footprint project, and cut my teeth with the UK’s climate and low carbon strategies. Advised Jordans Cereals, Conservation Grade, Vitacress Salads, Coca-Cola Enterprises and The Wight Salads Group
  • Undertook MSc in Climate Change and Development at University of Reading and emerged with a Distinction and a new admiration for climate science
  • Began advising businesses on merging their CSR and sustainability programmes with their core business strategy. Consulted for Salter Baxter, Glasshouse and Kin & Co. for a wide range of global brands
  • Joined carbon finance and sustainable project developer ClimateCare and learned about carbon finance, sustainable project development and how market-based mechanisms can be used to tackle some of our most important global issues

2011- 2017: Reborn as business strategist

2018: Fit for Purpose
  • Realise as the world has changed, so too must my business. It’s time for a new approach
  • Purposeful business is no longer an adjunct– it sits at the heart of every business that is serious about its future
  • I work with a number of associates who specialise in sustainable packaging, web and graphic design, market research, media outreach, video production and copywriting to augment my core consulting proposition

I am a B Leader with BLab UK, and fully trained to work with companies who are interested in certifying as BCorp’s to help them complete the B Impact Assessment. I am also an Associate and a Mentor for the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS) and Founder of the ICRS Oxford Hub. I am also Chair of the Area Board for Young Enterprise in Oxfordshire. For a bit of light relief, I walk my dog in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside daily, and do plenty of headstands in my Iyengar yoga classes.

Clients I’ve advised over the years on sustainability issues have included: Agrium Inc, Aviva Plc, Body Shop International, Co-operative Group, CGIAR, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Envirowise, Ella’s Kitchen, Essity, FarmingFirst, Jordans Cereals, Linklaters LLP, Low Carbon, Nestle UK, Jaguar Land Rover, Microsoft Ltd, Storebrand, nPower, Swarovski Group, Total Oil, Vitacress Salads, Vitec Group, Unilever, Whitbread Plc and The Wind Energy Company.