CSR Strategy and Reporting for FTSE Small Cap Plc

The Challenge
Fit For Purpose was approached to help a growing Plc in the image capture and share market to improve their approach to corporate social responsibility strategy and reporting. The project was in two phases:

Phase I Solution: CSR Content for the Annual Report

Fit for Purpose was asked to review the Company’s existing CSR approach outlined in their Annual Report, advise on improvements in terms of how the strategy is articulated, and how best to present their successes and milestones in the Annual Report.

A questionnaire was designed and circulated to all divisions and locations around the world, to help frame the information required for the CSR pages of the report.

We then worked with the CEO and Communications Director to create a compelling statement of direction from the Group to give context to the CSR pages. Vision and approach statements were also drafted for each of the subsidiary areas of the CSR strategy – employees, community and environment.

Finally the CSR pages for the report were drafted and reworked with edits from all key stakeholders in time for a March publication.

Phase II Solution: CSR Strategy Development

The second phase of the project is to create a re-worked global strategic approach to CSR.

It will involve a stakeholder audit to understand which different issues are material to the Group’s various audiences initially including staff, and then potentially at a later stage customers and suppliers. This will then help to inform the creation of a coherent and consistent CSR strategy across their tree Divisions.  

Working with the Communications Director and under the direction of the CEO, we will work to co-create a uniting vision for the company’s strategic approach to sustainability, a set of Group level commitments, supported by division-level KPIs and a framework to house the programmes for each key pillar.

This work is a live project.