Oxford based social impact and sustainability consultancy Fit For Purpose is delighted to announce the appointment of Tracy Sutton, Founder and Lead Expert at Root, one of Europe’s leading sustainable packaging and design experts, as a Non-Executive Director.

Tracy will focus on helping to ensure Fit For Purpose remains aligned with its core mission, which is to help business lead by accelerating behaviours that enable positive social and environmental impact. She will also focus on augmenting the consultancy’s network and knowledge of the Circular Economy and regenerative business models, as well as performing an essential secondary oversight role.

“We are thrilled to bring Tracy onto our Board as she adds a wealth of deep stakeholder understanding and industry insight across not only the waste, recycling and packaging sector but also the broader sustainability industry”, comments Fit For Purpose founder Sophie Brooks. “We’ve been fortunate to have experienced a rapid demand for our consultancy services in the last year, and as we grow it is critical that we continue to expand our industry perspectives and knowledge”.

Tracy is a preeminent speaker at international conferences, respected commentator in the national and trade media, and one of the leading sustainable packaging specialists in Europe. With over 20 years working with some of the best-known companies and brands to help them improve the environmental and social impact of their packaging, Tracy at the forefront of innovative and sustainable packaging design.

Tracy said “Fit For Purpose’s mission, values and deep expertise in the purposeful business space are very aligned with the direction my business Root is taking. Sophie and I have worked together on client and industry activity in the last couple of years, and the affinity was clear from the start. I am so excited about helping Fit For Purpose to move to the next level and make an even greater impact on UK businesses through the advice they offer going forward.”

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