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A New Networked Consultancy launches ahead of COP26

Five agencies with end-to-end expertise forge a new partnership “COP Collective”to help brands focus on their sustainability efforts before and beyond COP26 in Glasgow

Five consultancies have joined forces to form The COP Collective, a team of senior consultants offering brands best-in-class end to end strategic consultancy and creative services.

Led by The Fourth Angel, an integrated comms agency born out of PR, the Collective also includes Fit for Purpose Consulting, a purpose consultancy; Planet Shine, a film and content production agency, sustainability consultancy and global media platform; Force of Nature, the climate activist consultancy founded by Clover Hogan, focused on giving young people the power of their voice; and Vovi Studio, a digital marketing and design agency whose mission is to help brands create a positive impact on the world.

Commenting on the launch, Angie Moxham, CEO of The Fourth Angel says:

“COP26 marks the most important and urgent line in the sand for the planet and its people.  Some brands are leading the field in their passionate purpose on sustainability and arresting and reversing climate change.  Yet many are sadly falling behind and really need to step up.  It’s not too late; but it will be soon. No brand or business leader can afford be complacent at any level. We’ve come together to give companies a short circuit to a best in breed team of experienced and passionate professionals.”

Sophie Brooks, Founder of Fit for Purpose commented:

“The time for commitments, aspirations and promises has passed. What time we have left is for clear and decisive action, from all companies, everywhere. For any business that hasn’t considered the risks of the climate emergency and formulated a robust response plan – time in running out. Our job is to help businesses to accelerate action towards a creating zero-carbon world and to help them take those critical steps from ‘doing what feels possible’ to ‘doing what’s necessary for the planet.”

Clover Hogan, founder of Force of Nature comments:

“Many young people today have lost hope in their governments, in mass media, and the possibility of social progress. Companies are no exception. We’re tired of pervasive greenwashing; of promises made far enough into the future that they require no immediate action. We need to mobilise the next generation of climate leaders to realise a future by our own design, and those already in power to capitalise on the velocity of youth. We’re excited to be part of COP Collective – accelerating change by bringing together the energy of youth with the knowledge of experience. ”

Rachel McClelland, CEO of Planet Shine, added: 

“An authentic journey is key for brands that want to step up and that seek longevity and growth. 87% of citizens are concerned about environmental impacts and are actively seeking ethical products and services. Embedding sustainability throughout the value chain is imperative, followed by identifying the stories that can engage global audiences

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Notes to Editors

The Fourth Angel is an integrated comms agency, born out of PR. The Fourth Angel was founded by Angie Moxham after the sale of 3 Monkeys Communications to the DJ Edelman Group and has, over the last 18 months, grown into a fully fledged consultancy, winning global big brand strategic and creative consultancy gigs from multiple sectors. Clients include The Body Shop, Vision Express, Prezzo, Childs Farm and Organix.

Fit for Purpose is a boutique sustainability consultancy, whose mission is to help businesses lead through purpose, accelerating behaviours that enable positive social and environmental impact. We help clients define, demonstrate and articulate their purpose beyond profit –  through stakeholder engagement, ambitious long-term goal setting, and partnering for impact. Recent clients include Microsoft, Renault, The Body Shop, Micro Focus Plc, Nicholas Kirkwood and Urenco.

Planet Shine is a film and content production agency, sustainability consultancy and global media platform with an unapologetic commitment to making the world a better place. Positioned at the intersection of social and environmental justice, we exist to challenge the status quo and promote the equal rights of all animals, people and the planet. Recent clients include Quorn Foods, Silentnight, Child’s Farm and Universal Music.

Vovi is a digital marketing & design agency focused on working with businesses making a positive impact on people & planet. We help brands that do good look good, helping them create experiences that matter across brand, web and social. Recent clients include Food 4 Heroes, Ocean Bottle, and Afiniti.

Force of Nature was founded in 2019 by then-19-year-old climate activist Clover Hogan, in response to the growing eco-anxiety she saw in her generation. Today, Force of Nature’s team is made up of the very young people we seek to serve. We empower young people to turn their eco-anxiety into agency, and work with leaders across business and education to drive intergenerational solutions.